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lol i realized the old entry was WAY old so im like writing some random stuff to refresh it, wanted to update more often and i did have a lot to write about but in the end i was too lazy or didnt have the time to do it.

anyway lots of years has passed, i have been on this site since 2002 or something like that (my first account), did lots of stuff in my life, made lots of friends and acquaintances and been a part of different communities everywhere on the net, i haven't heard from or spoken to half of the people below in my journal for over years now xD yeah good times.

what im doing currently is creating content for this creepy virtual world mmo game called second life, i mostly do characters and sometimes weapons. i rarely upload anything i made here to DA cuz i kinda dont have the motivation to do i anymore, before i loved to show every single thing i made to the world because i loved feedback from my followers, i loved reading the comments and they inspired me to try even harder and make even more stuff, your commenting stroked my ego :D

but now i get rewarded with something even better, second life's cyberbucks that i can turn into real money and buy new computers and steam games and other useless crap that i dont need :O! and also positive user reviews :3

heres my sl marketplace page btw… , its sort of my new DA :D

i also thought of maybe having a blog or my own websight about my sl stuff and other crap, too bad im too lazy to actualy do it :3

so thats it for now.

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  • Reading: chat logs
  • Watching: game trailers
  • Playing: S4 League
  • Eating: tasty pizza
  • Drinking: cola
sangI-NET Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2011
Good thing your loli drawing/modeling skillz are not going to waste. Faak, gotta get off my lazy ass and read about/practice 3d modeling. Instead I play things like LoL or Desu Sex all day.
ERO-47 Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2011   Digital Artist
Maneir Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
If you decide to start a blog, don't use Tumblr. It will steal your soul (and free time)...
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